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2005-06-20 00:00:00

The Korean Association of Trade and Industry Studies (KATIS) and International Enterprise Singapore (IES) cordially welcome you to the International Academic Symposium in Singapore. The KATIS is an academic association of scholars and experts in the field of international trade and industrial studies in Korea with its members over 300.
Since its launch in 1995, the role of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has been increasingly important in the movement of the goods, services and people across the world. While the Doha Development Agenda negotiations are yet to be concluded, it is expected that the scope and the coverage of the WTO will be broadened and strengthened. At the same time, the surge of the regionalism, especially the recent development of multiple FTAs draws our attention. More than two hundred fifty regional trade agreements have been concluded and we expect this number will be increased.
In this rapid changing world economic environment, we believe this symposium on “New Vision for Closer Economic Cooperation between Korea and the ASEAN” is a very timely one. Having similar characteristics such as international trade and investment-based economy, Korea and Singapore have mutual interests in coping with challenges in global economic environment as well as sharing experiences with each other. In particular, after the successful conclusion of the Bilateral FTA, more creative and futuristic economic cooperation between Korea and Singapore is now required. In this regard, the second session of the symposium on “Closer Economic Cooperation between Korea and Singapore: Beyond the Bilateral FTA” would be very useful. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to speakers and discussants of the symposium. We particularly thank three business representatives from Singapore, Mr. Eugene Rim, Mr. H. T. Yao and Mr. Vikas Goel for their participation despite the very busy schedule.
We believe this symposium will provide a good opportunity to address a number of important issues. Once again, we sincerely welcome all of you to this international symposium and hope you to have a valuable time.

Taeho Bark
President, KATIS

Christopher Chen
Seoul Center Director, International Enterprise Singapore
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