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2004 국제학술대회 세미나 일정
2004-06-17 00:00:00
International Academic Symposium on FTA

The Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asian and Korea-Japan FTA

June 29 - July 1, 2004, Korea-Japan Cruise and Seinan Gakuin University

The Korean Association of Trade and Industry Studies
Dongyang Economic Research Institute

◉ Tuesday, June 29, 2004

□ Subject : Toward building the Korea-Japan FTA

18:30 Registration & Opening Remark
Dr. Jeong Su Kim
The Korean Association of Trade and Industry Studies

Moderator Kwang Doo Kim(Sogang University)

19:00 Presentation1
"FTA between Japan and Korea : Panacea of Pangloss"
Shi Young Lee(Chungang Univ.), Sang Hack Lee(Kookmin Univ.)
Sung Hee Jun(Daishin Economic Research Institute)
Jin Sam Kim(Yeungnam Univ.), Eun Chae Kim(Pukyong Univ.)

19:40 Presentation2
"Impacts and Policy on Korean Fishery Industry after FTA between Korea and Japan "
Un Young Kim(Halla Univ.)
Eui Burm Park(Kangwon National Univ.), Seung Lak Park(Chongju Univ.)

20:20 Coffee Break

Moderator Gyun Lee(Hongik University)

20:30 Presentation3
"The Stages of East Asian Economic Integration"
Seok Keun Park(Inje Univ.)
Jung Chae Chung(Chungbuk National Univ.), Taek Dong Yeo(Yeungnam Univ.)

21:10 Presentation4
"The Cooperative Approaches for the Korea-Japan-China FTA"
Young Min Kwon(Korea Economic Research Institute)
Ki Yun Sohn(Incheon Univ.), Mi Ah Kim(Wonkwang Univ.)

◉ Wednesday, June 30, 2004

□ Subject : The Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asian & FTA Policy

19:30 Registration

Moderator Chong Yun Rhee(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

19:45 Presentation1
"Current Issues of Korea-Japan FTA Discussion and A Choice of Korea"
Jong Soo Park(Soonchunhyang Univ.),
Hyung Rae Park(Kangnung National Univ.)
Yong Wan Lee(Cheju National Univ.), Sung Min Lee(Chosun Univ.)

20:10 Presentation2
"A Study on the Logistics Network Implementation Strategy of Pyeongtaek Port in the age of FTA"
Young Tae Park(Dongeui Univ.), Seung Woo Kang(KRI)
Jong Sik Jeong(KEPRI), Young Rai Kim(Chungbuk National Univ.)

20:35 Presentation3
"A Study on the Cooperation Models for e-Commerce among Korea, Japan and China in Electronics Industry"
Sang Ryul Shim(Kwangwoon Univ.)
Sun Kwang Kim(Kyungnam Univ.), Heung Seob Choi(Seonam Univ.)

21:00 Coffee Break

Moderator Wonsuk Moon(Cheju National University)

21:10 Presentation4
"A Study on Practical Way to Obtain Key Position in the Northeastern Asia"
Lee Soo Kang(Soongsil Univ.), Jong Sam Park(Namseoul Univ.)
Jong Sung Kim(Korea National Open Univ.)
Woong Jin Kim(Hyupsung Univ.)

21:35 Presentation5
"The FTA of Korea and Japan and Environmental and Trade Policy Issues"
Ki Heung Kim(Kyonggi Univ.)
Chul Soo Park(Suwon Univ.), Baek Ryul Choi(Chonbuk National Univ.)

◉ Wednesday, June 30, 2004

□ Subject : Economic Issues of Northeast Asian and Policy Alternatives

19:30 Registration

Moderator Kwang Ha Shin(Myongji University)

19:45 Presentation1
"The Messiah of Northeast Marine Trade(Oversea Trade), Jang Bo-Go"
Cheon Shik Kim(Mokpo National Univ.)
Jung Sik Kim(Wonkwang Univ.), Yong Soo Kang(Changwon National Univ.)

20:10 Presentation2
"The Political Economy of Financial Structure of Korean Firms"
Ki Woong Cheong(Keimyung Univ.), Sang Hack Lee(Kookmin Univ.)
Jeong Sik Kim(Chosun Univ.), Jun Won Kang(Donga Univ.)

20:35 Presentation3
"Financial Liberalization and Financial Crisis : the Case of Korea"
Jai Won Ryou(Konkuk Univ.), Tae Joon Kim(Dongduk Women's Univ.)
Dal Ho Lim(Chungbuk National Univ.), Eun Mi Kim(Chunbuk National Univ.)

21:00 Coffee Break

Moderator Tae Ho Bark(Seoul National University)

21:10 Presentation4
"Comparison Analysis on Competition Degree in Textile Industry between Korea and China"
Jung Dong Park(Incheon Univ.), Kyung Hee Kim(Kyonggi Research Institute)
Kong Woo La(Kyungin Women's College)
Ho Man Hwang(Kunsan National Univ.)

21:35 Presentation5
"The Inflow on Local Financial Market of Overseas Capital and it's effects"
Sang Jang Kwon(Keimyung Univ.)
Kab Sung Seo(Chosun Univ.)
Yong Jin Kim(Busan National University Education)

◉ Thursday, July 1, 2004

□ Subject : FTA policy of Korea, China and Japan

10:00 Registration

Moderator Jay Min Lee(Yonsei University)

10:10 Presentation1
"A FTA Proposal"
Yuhei Ogawa(Seinan Gakuin University, Japan)
Do Hyung Kim(Keimyung Univ.)

10:40 Coffee Break

Moderator Chong Keun Won(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

10:50 Presentation2
"Ideal East Asian Regionalism in the Tri-polar Trading System"
Byeong Hae Sohn(Kyung Pook National Univ.)
Gi Hong Kim(Pusan National Univ.)

11:20 Presentation3
"Barriers to Korea-Japan FTA and Several Considerations for realizing Potential Gains"
Ro Sung Kwak(Dongguk Univ.)
Je Hoon Park(Incheon Univ.)

11:50 Presentation4
"China's views on FTA : ASEAN, Korea and Japan"
Dong Ming Zhang(Liaoning National University, China)
Seok Beom Choi(Chungang Univ.)

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