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2018년 한국국제통상학회 하계 세미나
2018-06-28 20:13:17

KATIS/KIEP/MEIJO/TU 2018 International Conference

“G2 Risk and Economic Cooperation of

East Asian Countries”

July/05/2018 ~ July/07/2018



-Korea Association of Trade and Industry Studies (KATIS)

-Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)

-Meijo Univ. Japan / Thai-Nguyen Univ. Vietnam



-Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE, Korea)


·Date & Venue:

-<Special Session> July 05 Tokyu Hotel, Nagoya, Japan

-<Main Session> July 06 Meijo Univ., Nagoya, Japan


<Special Session> 15:00~18:00 July 5

Digital Trade and the 4th Industrial Revolution

·Moderator: Chul Chung(Vice President of KIEP)

·Joon Seok Oh(Professor, Sookmyung Women’s Univ.)

Digital Trade & Its Taxation Focusing on GAFA Company

·Kyu-yup Lee (Ph.D. Researcher, KIEP)

Welfare Effects of Data Regulation in a Quantitative Trade Model: Application to the EU GDPR

·Dong Chul Kwak (Ph.D. Candidate, SNU/Researcher, Korea International Trade Association)

Technological Neutrality as a Bridge between Analogue Trade Regime and Digital Economic Reality

·Marisa Muth (ABD, Researcher, Sogang Univ.)

Industry 4.0 and the Economic Cooperation between Germany and Japan


·Q&A: All Participants


<Main Session> 12:30 ~ 17:50 July 6

Registration: 12:30 ~ 12:40

Opening Ceremony 12:40 ~ 13:00

·Welcoming Remarks: Noguchi, Vice President of Meijo Univ. Japan

·Congratulatory Address: Soochul Lee, Chairman, Organizing Committee, Japan

·Congratulatory Address: Chul Chung, Vice President of KIEP, Korea

·Congratulatory Address: Nguyen K. Doanh, Director of Intl Affairs,

Thai Nguyen Univ. Vietnam

·Opening Remarks: Yoon Heo, President of KATIS, Korea


<Plenary Session-1> 13:00 ~ 14:20

Is a U.S.-China Trade War Inevitable?

·Moderator: Chung-Mo Koo

(Former President of Korea Economic Association)

·Yomizumi Watanabe (Professor of Keio Univ. Japan)

Impact of CPTPP to Japan and to US and Chinas Trade War

·Byung-il Choi (Professor of Ewha Womans Univ., Korea)

Deepening East Asian Economic Cooperation and G2 Risk

·Inkyo Chung (Vice-President of Inha Univ., Korea)

Global Value Chain and G2 Trade Conflict

·Panel Discussion:

-Yuri Sadoi (Professor of Meijo Univ. Japan)

-Insoo Kang (Professor of Sookmyung Women’s Univ.)

·Q&A Floor

<Coffee Break> 14:20 ~ 14:30

<Plenary Session-2> 14:30 ~ 15:50

Reshaping the Future Cooperation of East Asian Countries

·Moderator: Yorizumi Watanabe (Professor of Keio Univ., Japan)

·Soochul Lee (Professor of Meijo Univ. Japan)

Air Pollution in East Asia and Cooperations of CJK Energy/Environment Sector

·Norihiro Nishimura (Professor of Mie Univ. Japan)

Northeast Asia Economic Cooperation from New Generation Partnership

·Nguyen K. Doanh (Professor of Thai Nguyen Univ. Vietnam)

Reshaping the Future of ASEANs Trade with Northeast Asian Countries

·Panel Discussion:

-Baekhoon Song (Professor of Dongguk Univ. Korea)

-Kyu Yub Lee (Ph.D/Researcher. KIEP, Korea)

·Q&A Floor

<Coffee Break> 15:50 ~ 16:00


<Plenary Session-3> 16:00 ~ 17:50

CJK, TPP and Vietnam:

Building Up the New Partnership in the Region

·Moderator: Seyoung Ahn

(Former Chairman of National Research Council, Korea)

·Namsuk Choi (Professor at the Chonbuk National Univ., Korea)

The Spillover Effect Analysis of TPPs Global Value Chain Reorganization on Domestic Employment

·Yuri Sadoi (Professor of Meijo Univ. Japan) and Kuan-Ju Lin (Aletheia Univ. Taiwan)

Economic Cooperation of Northeast Asia: Opportunities and Challenges

·LEE Sooyoung (Ph.D. Researcher, KIEP, Korea)

Anatomy of the Trade Collapse, Recovery, and Slowdown: Evidence from Korea

·Tran Nhuan Kien (Vice-Rector of Thai Nguyen Univ. of Economics and Business Administration, Vietnam)

Vietnams Trade Policy and Future Cooperation with Korea and Japan


·Panel Discussion:

-Taewhang Kim (Professor of Myongji Univ. Korea)

-Joon Seok Oh (Professor, Sookmyung Women’s Univ. Korea)


·Q&A Floor



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